Clifford A. Prosser
My hourly rate for calendar year 2012 is $175 per hour. This rate applies to all file related work, including travel time and testimony. A minimum charge of two hours is applicable for all work done in the field, but desktop work is billed as performed in quarter hour increments. All billing is carefully itemized.

In civil matters, a retainer prior to beginning work of $1500 is requested, but may be waived in some cases in consideration of rapid response needs.  If the retainer is waived in the interest of collecting or documenting evidence quickly, the retainer amount or payment for actual time billed in the initial work will be required before any work product or further consultation is provided.

In all vehiclular homicide criminal defense matters, a retainer of $2000 is required.

I am available to investigate, reconstruct or consult on collision matters involving standard vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, rail crossings, motorcycles, and pedestrians. I can normally respond to a matter within 48 hours, and non-opinion work products can be provided for your review and use within 72 hours of my field work.

Available Services

Scene examination
Vehicle examination
Evidence documentation
Scale scene and vehicle diagramming (CAD)
Total Station scene mapping

Determining factors and events
Quantifying factors and events: time and distance analysis, speed analysis, vehicle defect contribution, collision analysis, surface friction analysis, vehicle crush profiles, vehicle lamp examination for "on-off".

We have in our "tool box" the most up to date equipment for documenting evidence. This includes a Nikon total station for crash scene mapping, Autosketch version 9 CAD software for diagramming, the D.A.R.T. sled (computerized drag sled) for surface friction analysis, the Vericom 3000 (Vehicle Performance Computer, spring mass accelerometer based), the Bosch crash data retrieval system, and all of the traditional manual measuring devices to document distance, grade, super elevation, etc.

I am equipped and certified to perform crash data report downloads from passenger vehicle air bag control modules using the Bosch (formerly Vetronix) crash data retrieval equipment. This is state of the art technology, and is the wave of the future in collecting evidence for crash reconstruction and collision magnitude analysis. I have the most current hardware and software for accessing the modules in supported GM, Ford, Dodge, Saturn, and some Izuzu passenger vehicles.  We can also check the PCM's (powertrain control modules) of some Ford vehicles now for data pertinent to crash events as well.  I was re-certified as a crash data retrieval technician and data analyst in October, 2008, and continue to upgrade capabilities.

A special service available to police agencies. Traffic fatalities and serious injury incidents are being viewed more and more frequently as criminal cases, and are being aggressively prosecuted as homicides and assaults. We offer a two week course that will equip a field officer to properly respond to, process, document, analyze and prepare for screening and prosecution any traffic crash to which he or she is dispatched. See the "Training" page for in-depth details and cost information.

We are capable of examining heavy trucks and buses, and evaluating their       braking efficiencies and DOT compliance status. In addition, we have a qualified heavy commercial vehicle EDR (Event Data Recorder) technician that can process any commercial vehicle for crash data or general use data, and can access and extract that data in supported vehicles. This service is subcontracted through our Collision Consulting Cooperative.

Click on the PDF vehicle CDR coverage list to see if your case vehicle is a candidate for crash data retrieval. This list changes frequently, so you may contact me by e-mail or phone to inquire as to the support for a particular make and model not shown.
Collision Consulting Cooperative is a "one stop shop" for your traffic crash investigation needs. From the most basic locator and document service,  scene and vehicle evidence documentation, and witness  interviews to the most case specific special issue referrals, we can help you. Heavy truck and commercial vehicle specialists, 2D and 3D animations, demonstrative evidence stills,  CAD scene diagrams, etc.
(205) 681-6869 (a T.A.C.S. service)
Rates and Available Services