Clifford A. Prosser
After serving as a military policeman with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War, and serving for fourteen years with the Birmingham, Alabama Police Department, I began consulting in the private sector full time as a traffic crash reconstructionist in 1991. I consult and conduct investigations and reconstructions in anticipation of litigation and testimony for law firms (both plaintiff and defense, as well as criminal defense), insurance companies, fleet vehicle entities, and private individuals. I have been accepted by both state and federal courts as an expert witness.

In addition to the more traditional traffic crash and investigation tasks, I am also trained and certified to perform vehicle air bag module crash data retrieval downloads with the Vetronix / Bosch CDR equipment.

My goal is to assist my clients in fully understanding the factors and events of their subject crash, and to make myself available to consult with them as closely as necessary for them to thoroughly evaluate their litigation position. My foundation is objective analysis, followed by truthful, complete reporting and testimony. I strive to maintain a high level of integrity in my consulting product.

Although I am a sole proprietor, I have sought to surround myself with a sound group of sub contractors in every area of traffic crash litigation support. From the most basic taking of statements, to locator and document service, to 3D crash animation, to thoroughly examining heavy commercial vehicles and downloading their EDR's, I can provide specialized services on virtually any traffic crash related matter.

I'm proud to announce that my daughter, Mary Prosser, is now assissting me as an apprentice investigator, and has already contributed significantly to my work product on several cases. She's an excellent photographer, and has an eagle eye for damage details on vehicles and evidence details on scene. She recently completed our two week Traffic Homicide Investigation course, and is the only female traffic homicide investigator in the state of Alabama that is not current or former law enforcement as far as we know. I'm glad to have her working with me.

I'm also pleased to welcome aboard retired Alabama State Trooper Captain Jeff Standridge as my total station mapping technician. Jeff had a long and illustrious career with the Alabama State Troopers, and he shares our commitment to an objective, thorough, accurate and timely work product. Jeff is a sole proprietor independent contractor, but is always available for quick response scene documentation.


I am a published author. My book Traffic Crash Scene Reponse ; A Guide for the Field Officer is available through the publications department at the Intstitute of Police Technology and Management (IPTM), an extension of the Universtity of North Florida.  In the very near future, another work entitled The Young Driver's Primer ; Know your Limitations is scheduled for publication and release by IPTM as well. It is an easily read booklet for teen drivers, and is an excellent driver's education supplement. Along with the book, I am available to put on Teen Drivers' Workshops from time to time. Feel free to contact me for details.

In addition to consulting on traffic crash cases in litigation, I still find the time to teach police officers on an in-service basis in the discipline of Traffic Homicide Investigation. I provide a THI school, along with respected reconstructionist and active Fultondale, Alabama officer Jim Griffin. I also assist in teaching a THI school each year to Birmingham PD in-service officers as an invited guest instructor.

I, along with my associates, am dedicated to improving the quality of police traffic crash investigation, reporting and testimony capablities. I am available to consult as a courtesy with police departments and district attorneys as needs arise.