Clifford A. Prosser , Traffic Crash Reconstructionist
Traffic Accident Consulting Services , Birmingham, Alabama
I would be remiss in my commitment to my craft if I failed to acknowledge the contribution of a number of individuals, both police and civilian, who have influenced me and helped me through the learning years . . . may the learning never end!

William J. "Jim" Griffin
Jim has been a faithful friend and colleague for many years, dating back to when we both fought the "training dollar wars" and struggled to make the Birmingham Police management understand the importance of traffic crash investigation and reconstruction. Jim has always been ready to lend a hand to me in my casework, to make available to me any "tools" that he had that would help me with a case, and to simply spend time with me hashing out problems and issues with cases that we could both learn from. When I left the Birmingham Police Department to begin consulting, he took over as the primary serious traffic crash investigator. I've always felt that I left the job in good hands. 

C.E. "Gene" Robinette
Gene was one of the groundbreakers and pathfinders in the Birmingham Police Department in graduating the accident investigation capabilities of the line officers beyond the simple reporting mentality. His commitment to going higher and pushing beyond what was expected inspired me to want to learn and do more.  Gene passed away at an untimely young age, but I'm proud to have the opportunity to teach along side his son, Officer Chris Robinette, who is following in his dad's footsteps and doing him proud.

Officers Robert Cox, Chris Robinette & Tommy Wilson
These guys have continued to make up the small band of committed brothers in blue who are dedicated to improving the level of police accident investigation in the Birmingham area. They graciously included me by invitation in their Traffic Homicide Investigation in-service training courses each year. This has been a great opportunity to keep my skills sharp, as well as to continue to fellowship with young officers and add to my resume. Their professionalism has been a great blessing and example to me. I'm especially proud of Chris, whose father lead the way before his passing.

Bobby Smith 
I met Bobby on a case very early in my consulting career, and the humility that was evident as this very professional and capable engineer mentored this young newcomer impressed me and inspired me. Bobby was out of Opelika, Alabama, and was very well respected in our field. He was always ready to encourage and mentor a younger colleague, and for that I will always be grateful. Bobby, like Gene, passed away at an untimely young age, but his professionalism remains alive.

"Tony" Stephens
I met Tony while he was still a road trooper with the Alabama State Troopers, and watched him move up through the ranks to become the supervisor of the state's premiere traffic homicide unit. Tony was extremely instrumental in upgrading training, equipment, and capability, and worked very hard to defeat the archaic ideas about traffic accident reporting. He continues to do the same in the private sector, and he is a real credit to our industry.

My Family
I'm so grateful to my lovely wife and daughter who have been very helpful and supportive as I have developed my consulting business. My wife,Tina, handles my accounts, and my daughter, Mary, has helped with scene chores, book binding and even a little photography from time to time. My older kids, Michael and Stephanie, are both grown and have beautiful families, but they have been supportive as well.

My Lord Jesus Christ
Without God's rich grace and mercy, I certainly would not be enjoying the productive, successful career that I've been so blessed with.