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As mentioned on an earlier page, I have authored several works on topics pertinent to the traffic crash investigation and police career fields. As you browze through the list that follows, you might consider their potential usefulness to you as a police officer in general or a traffic crash investigator in particular.

Traffic Crash Scene Response - A Guide for the Field Officer

This work is a "by the numbers" guide for any field officer that is dispatched to handle a traffic crash situation of virtually any type. From the most basic two car collision to the most complex vehicle / pedestrian, motorcycle, rail crossing, heavy commercial vehicle, or airborne vehicle crash situation, step by step checklists are provided to assist the officer in handling the scene, vehicles, drivers and witnesses.
This is a very affordable ($12.95) coil bound, soft cover book that has been published by the Institute of Police Technology and Management (University of North Florida), and may be purchased through the website (www. or in their on campus bookstore. 

The Young Driver's Primer - Know Your Limitations

This work is for the young driver, as the name implies, and is geared toward helping teen drivers understand their limitations, and those of their vehicles. We all know that mobility is everything for young people, but we also recognize that they often cling to a false sense of immunity to harm. Tragic crashes always happen to someone else . . . until. This work explains in plain terms the laws of motion and how they limit a driver's abilities to respond to certain situations. There are even easily read and understood stopping distance relative to speed charts, and plain talk about the types of vehicles they choose to drive.
This is a soft cover, coil bound text and is a relatively short, quick read for the young person who is not particularly fond of burying his or her face in a book for a long period of time. It is currently being finalized for print and sale, and will also available through the IPTM bookstore just as the Traffic Crash text is.
In addition to the text itself, I will be happy to offer and conduct a hands-on teen driver's workshop at your school, church, police department facility of civic location.  During this workshop, the teen drivers in attendance are provided a copy of the text, and are given approximately two hours of classroom instruction on the contents. Some math is involved, as well as some "shock therapy" . . . rather gruesome and eye opening images of some who attempted to violate those laws of physics.
In conjunction to the classroom instruction, approximately two hours is dedicated to actual youth driving threat response and hard braking excercises on a skid pad in an instrumented vehicle. An on-board computer allows the driver to actually see how long, (time and distance) it took him or her to brake to a stop from various travel speeds.
Please contact me to make inquiries about the curriculum or scheduling, or to discuss the feasibility of bringing this workshop to your area for your church youth group, driver's education class or civic group.

Traffic Accident Investigation Handbook

A complete text on basic and advanced AI that takes the reader from the most fundamental definitions of factors and events, through the traffic crash time line, and into evidence documentation and speed, time, distance, radius and friction calculations. Over 140 pages with illustrations. Detailed instructions on scale scene diagramming by grid coordinate, triangulation and tangent offset methods are included, with illustrations and diagrams.
Soft cover, comb bound. This work is self published. The cost is $59 hard copy, or $29.00 on CD.  Direct order with payment by check or money order only. See contact page for address and phone information. 

Self Awarenes: Preventing Police "Burnout" - Emotional Survival in the Law Enforcement Career

This is an honest, helpful call to self examination and self awareness. A career in police work is more of a lifestyle than a job. It is a vocation that can literally consume a life, subdue and stunt officers' emotions, and create crippling cynism. Many police officers withdraw from non-police relationships and grow to mistrust, and even dislike to some degree, the "normal" people around them. This distorted social view can cripple a marriage, and can even lead to a greater propensity for suicide or other self destructive behavior. 
This is a fairly short, easy read. Those officers who have read and reviewed the work say that it is a must for every officer who is concerned about "balance" of life. At least one saved law enforcement marriage has been credited to the truths in this book.
You may download this text FREE by clicking on the PDF document icon next to the cover image below. If you would like to have a comb bound copy or CD of the text, the cost is nominal, $12.00, and covers printing, binding and shipping costs only. Makes a nice gift for a friend or family member in law enforcement. Self published. Hard copy or CD. Direct order only with payment by check or money order. See contact page for address and phone information for ordering.


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