A classic Rusty Haight t-bone hit during a conference in Florida
Yours truly working security with "Daddy" Bush back in the 80's
Above and right: Deformation in a tragic side impact case in which a 16 year old girl died.
News photos of a fatal bus crash that I worked on near Bowling Green, Kentucky
CDR equipment connected for a GM air bag module crash data "benchtop" (tailgate) download
Crush jig setup to measure high damage in side impact case
Pickup into semi trailer corner and wheel hit
Car into truck wheel hit with tire logo "stamping" visible on hood
Examples of Headlamp "hot shock"
Very minor front corner hit (upper left) with unusual tie rod damage (above). Could this be pre-existing damage that led to control issues?  Note the comparative tie rod photo at left from other side of the same car.
An allegedly intoxicated young clergyman was involved in this t-bone fatal.  Can you say "Choices have consequences", boys and girls?
Cab-over truck tractor into Crown Vic. Wade Bartlett driving.
Tractor trailer "skip skids"
Rusty Haight of CSI. Guiness world record holder for live driver crash tests.
Rear ender crash test. I managed to get this photo just as the air bag deployed!
The aftermath of the rear ender
"T-bone" side impact crash test
Zoom shot of the side impact test.  Notice that I got this air bag shot timed nicely, too!
Vericom 3000 vehicle performance computer installed and ready in a Ford Ranger test vehicle during our THI school in Moody, Alabama April 2010
Course attendees measuring the "crash" skids from the Ford Ranger.
Laying down test skids to evaluate friction for calculating the speed of the Ford Ranger "crash" vehicle. Speed of cruiser and skid distance was monitored by Vericom, radar, and manual skid mark measurements with ABD disabled.
Inducing a "yaw" to demonstrate the critical speed dynamic and set up CSY calculation exercise.
Before: Note garbage can in normal upright position
After: Note garbage can in abnormal overturned position. Note also embarrassed instructor exiting police vehicle to return garbage can to normal upright position.